Bicycle Love

Some people seem to get it but most don’t. I just love bicycles. I get excited by shiny new bicycles. I am intrigued by old rusty bicycles. Every bicycle has it’s own style, or personality if you will. When a bike is new in the store, it’s personality is not visible yet. It’s like that old saying about people and their dogs looking like each other after some time together. A bicycle will start to absorb some of the personality of it’s owner and take on a life all it’s own. I have gotten a lot of people connected with bicycles and  it happens every time whether the new owner uses the bike every day or once a year.

See, the thing is, a bicycle is an amazing machine. It’s form can be very elegant or plain and utilitarian, but every bike can move you from one point to another, under your own power, quickly and efficiently. And for reasons that I don’t fully understand, riding a bicycle is just plain fun! Although there are some expensive bicycles out there, a bike can be cheap to own and operate. One does not need to be a super genius to maintain it. A bike does not need fuel that costs three bucks a gallon . There are bikes that are super light and move like the wind over smooth pavement and there are bikes that can ride over almost any terrain taking the punishment in stride and delivering it’s rider a real adventure not found on any living room couch or golf course. Whether it is made from rare materials such as titanium and carbon fiber or it is made from ordinary steel, a bicycle is a functional piece of art that can serve as transportation or be used for sporting purposes. A bicycle is an exercise machine that makes exercise fun. Some people use bikes to make their living. In some parts of the world, bicycles are a vehicle for social change and economic improvement. The humble bicycle was the catalyst for our first flying machines. I could go on and on!

Think about it. Bicycles make the world a better place to live in. If you have a bicycle, ride it. If you don’t have a bicycle, get one!

You won’t be sorry

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