Coach Brian’s Indoor Trainer Session Report #1

by Kevin Eng

For those of you that have been keeping up, this past wednesday (January 4th) was week #1 of coach Brian Lariviere’s Indoor Trainer Sessions. I’ll start with some general evaluations ( workout types, intensity) and then give a quick rundown of some highlights.

I will rate workout intensity by the highest heartrate/power level reached (Levels 1-5, if you know your individual levels) and by the highest number reached on the Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale (1-20; 1 being falling asleep and 20 being as hard as you can go).

For the sake of consistency, this is how I’ll format all the session reports to come so you all will know what to look for.

General Evaluations

Workout types: Technique, Endurance

Intensity: Low level 3, RPE 14

A not-too-intense start to this year’s Trainer Sessions. Brian scheduled a good variety of different workouts and intensity levels to give everyone a taste of what’s to come and what to expect.


Most Revealing: Single Leg Drills

The single leg drills, which are also tied for the most intense workout of the night, showed me that my hip flexors have gotten weak since my track and field days. Pulling up and through the pedal strokes was not as smooth as I would like, and this is something I will be sure to work on further over the course of the next ten weeks.

Most Intense: Muscle Tensioning and Single Leg Drills

Brian described the muscle tensioning intervals as “weightlifting on the bike”, and I couldn’t agree more. The low cadence and high resistance definitely put the burn into the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Also, the low cadence highlighted the elements of my spin and helped me fine-tune it a bit.

Most Fun: Fast Spin Intervals

I tend to be more of a spinner, so it was kind of fun for me to spin a little faster than normal. Towards the end of the night, Brian gave us 5 seconds of free reign at the end of each interval to spin as fast as we could go. I think I managed 144 rpm.

Sound like something you’d like to try? Don’t worry because you can still join us! Check out our website for more info and pre-register on BikeReg. Class starts promptly at 6 pm, so arrive early to get a good spot.

Tune in next week for more highlights from the upcoming session.

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