Coach Brian’s Indoor Trainer Session Report #2

by Kevin Eng

For those of you that have been keeping up, this past wednesday (January 11th) was week #2 of Coach Brian Lariviere’s Indoor Trainer Sessions. I’ll start with some general evaluations ( workout types, intensity) and then give a quick rundown of some highlights.

I will rate workout intensity by the highest heartrate/power level reached (Levels 1-5, if you know your individual levels) and by the highest number reached on the Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale (1-20; 1 being falling asleep and 20 being as hard as you can go).

For the sake of consistency, this is how I’ll format all the session reports to come so you all will know what to look for.

Week 2 General Evaluations

Workout types: Climbing, Technique

Intensity: Solid level 3, RPE 15-16

For week 2, Brian dialed up the intensity a bit with some alternating seated/standing climb workouts that really tested the glutes and hamstrings. We also revisited the single leg and muscle tensioning intervals.

Also, my old girl Cassie made her comeback this week and will be accompanying me over the remaining sessions. Read her story here.


Most Revealing: Single Leg Drills

Single leg drills take the most revealing award again this week, but mostly for the significant improvement I felt from last week. I felt far stronger on the upstroke and therefore I was able to spin noticeably faster and smoother than last week.

Most Intense: Seated/Standing Climb

The climbing workouts really put the burn in my legs this week. Not only did they reinforce proper climbing technique of alternating between sitting and standing, but Brian did a great job of simulating a real-world riding situation. That made it much easier to visualize and give me a little extra motivation to work through the interval.

Most Fun: Overall Improvement

I was most amused by the overall improvement I felt after just one week. It was honestly surprising, and I’m certain now that I’ll be in a much better place in 8 more weeks. What more motivation do I need?

Want to join the party? Check out our website for more info and pre-register on BikeReg. Class starts promptly at 6 pm, so arrive at least 20 mins early to get a good spot.

Tune in next week for more highlights from the upcoming session.

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