Coach Brian Lariviere Chimes In On Trainer Sessions 2012

by Kevin Eng

I do my best to give you my take on the 2021 Cycle Craft Trainer Sessions with USA Cycling Level 3 Coach Brian Lariviere, but I figured you might want to hear it straight from the man himself. I asked Coach Brian to give a little insight into how this year’s edition is going so far and a preview of week #4. He had this to say:


Coach Brian Lariviere

The 2012 Cycle Craft Trainer Sessions have once again surpassed my expectations.  As Kevin wrote, the positive vibe from the group is outstanding, and even the new comers are getting into the groove.  Session #4 will continue our technique drills and we’ll be adding in some blocks of steady zone 3 (tempo) work at varying cadences, while not straying away from our leg strength drills.  I work hard to write programs that not only are a steady progression with tremendous fitness benefits, but fun and lively.  The participants have relayed to me that with the drills changing up every few minutes, the two hour sessions really fly right by!

If you’re considering hopping in one of the classes, don’t delay!  Although anyone is welcome to join at any time, athletes will experience the greatest benefits by participating in as many classes as possible.

Healthy wishes to you!

Now that you’ve got Coach Brian’s invitation, what more reason do you need? Register here and join us!

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