Coach Brian’s Indoor Trainer Session Report #4….with Photos!

by Kevin Eng (photos by Brendan Poh)

For those of you that have been keeping up, this past wednesday (January 18th) was week #4 of Coach Brian Lariviere’s Indoor Trainer Sessions. I’ll start with some general evaluations ( workout types, intensity) and then give a quick rundown of some highlights.

I will rate workout intensity by the highest heartrate/power level reached (Levels 1-5, if you know your individual levels) and by the highest number reached on the Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale (1-20; 1 being falling asleep and 20 being as hard as you can go).

For the sake of consistency, this is how I’ll format all the session reports to come so you all will know what to look for.

Our own Nick P. engaging the warp drive.

Workout types: Endurance, Technique

Intensity: Level 3, RPE 16-17

Week 4 was definitely the hardest session so far. Brian tested our endurance with two 20 minute blocks of level 3 tempo, intermixed with the ever-favorite single leg drills and some of the acceleration workouts we did last week. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the first tempo block but I powered through thanks in large part to Brian’s encouragement.


Most Revealing/Most Intense: Tempo Blocks

Forty combined minutes of level 3 Tempo will certainly reveal any deficiencies one might have in the way of aerobic fitness. I’m glad to report that my main deficiency was mental, at least in the first block. Thankfully I had overcome that for the second block and actually felt stronger for the second go-around. The variety of cadences used within each block helped spice up the intervals and keep me working.

Most Fun: The Endorphins

Who says runners get to have all the fun? My cyclist’s high gave me an awesome boost after class. I felt like I could run the place! Too bad someone beat me to it. (Congratulations to our General Manager, resident photographer, and Cycle Craft’s proud new owner, Brendan Poh!)

Coach Brian leading the troops.

Get your endorphins on and join us! Only 6 classes left! Check out our website for more info and pre-register on BikeReg. Class starts promptly at 6 pm, so arrive at least 20 mins early to get a good spot.

Tune in next week for more highlights from the upcoming session.

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