Coach Brian’s Indoor Trainer Session Report #5

by Kevin Eng

For those of you that have been keeping up, this past wednesday (January 18th) was week #5 of Coach Brian Lariviere’s Indoor Trainer Sessions. I’ll start with some general evaluations (workout types, intensity) and then give a quick rundown of some highlights.

I will rate workout intensity by the highest heartrate/power level reached (Levels 1-5, if you know your individual levels) and by the highest number reached on the Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale (1-20; 1 being falling asleep and 20 being as hard as you can go).

For the sake of consistency, this is how I’ll format all the session reports to come so you all will know what to look for.

Week 5 General Evaluations

Workout types: Endurance, Accelerations, Technique

Intensity: Level 3, RPE 17

For week 5, Brian continued to develop our Level 3 endurance with steady build intervals and muscle endurance intervals. I’m feeling that these intervals are also working my mental toughness as well as my physical condition (more on that below). And there were even more new faces this week which was very nice to see. Maybe people are reading this after all…


Most Revealing: Steady Build

The Steady Build interval not only showed me where my physical endurance was, but also my mental endurance as well. Knowing that the pace will be steadily ramping up means I have to have the mental gumption to go along with the accelerations and be confident I can make the next jump.

Most Intense: Aerobic Threshold/Muscle Endurance Interval

Continuing on the mental toughness training, the Level 3 Muscle Endurance blocks book-ended by Level 2 Aerobic Threshold blocks tested my mental fitness. Fast groups can be intimidating out on the road, so doing this kind of hard tempo work indoors is a great, no-pressure, mental dress rehearsal for when the season begins.

Most Fun: Stand and Sit Intervals

The Stand and Sit intervals were a fun confidence booster between the two hard Muscle Endurance blocks. It was a great chance to get the mental imagery working and trade accelerations on the imaginary mountain in my head.

Only 5 classes remain!! Don’t miss out! Check out our website for more info and pre-register on BikeReg. Class starts promptly at 6 pm, so arrive at least 20 mins early to get a good spot.

Tune in next week for more highlights from the upcoming session.

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